Established in the United Kingdom by young designer Alexei Hamblin in 2021, we provide the finest quality garments and consistently create more value for our community by broadening their minds, connecting to culture and giving them the tools to express their individuality.

Wearing RIVER GOD™ is a mark of integrity, endorsing a better future for our planet and people. We utilise a mix of organic, fair-trade, recycled and sustainable fabrics and materials to craft our range of luxury garments. Our expert craftsmanship and eco-friendly production techniques maximise the satisfaction and pleasure our products give to wearers whilst minimising the impact on our world. 
Honesty and transparency form the core of our brand. We are fully committed to providing fair remuneration to the people involved in bringing our garments to life and ensure our supply chains are crystal clear. All packaging is made from recycled, recyclable or biodegradable materials and stock levels are kept low to minimise wastage. We will always be pushing for new and exciting ways to improve our operations and style in the most humane and progressive ways possible.

Above all else, our designs are produced with attention to detail and deeper meanings that you won't find in other contemporary luxury streetwear labels.
Wear the future. Stay ahead of the curve.