It is known how toxic of a footprint the fashion industry is leaving on our planet. At RIVER GOD, we believe in making sure our products and operations are as sustainable as possible. Here are the current initiatives we are investing in.

Organic Cotton

Our products are produced with natural, organic fibres produced in ecotex standards without containing any carcinogenic or allergenic chemicals. Our garment manufacturers are GOTS certified from the source of the fibres, the fabric formation and final assembly. 

Eco-Friendly Inks

We use water-based inks for the prints on our products. This means any of the pollutants found in plastisol inks are not found in our production techniques. Water-based prints also last a lot longer than standard printing inks, as they don't crack over time - they dye the garment.

Built To Last

Our Switch-Patch sweatshirts are built to last and serve the test of time physically and stylistically. Each season, new sets of Switch-Patches are released to revamp and upcycle the garments to keep them updated with new collections. Expert craftsmanship and high-end, organic materials are used, to make sure they last.



Our packaging is made out of recycled polyethylene and recyclable card to minimise any further environmental damage. Our shipping boxes and mailers also utilise eco-friendly materials.